Our Mission

The “Node” will operate as a non-profit organization with international presence and independence from political parties. Its mission is to become a catalyst for the formation and cooperation of individuals and networks of Greeks in Greece and abroad, raising awareness and mobilizing national forces.  Its central goal is to contribute substantially to the creation of a platform that will encompass the comparative advantages of Hellenism - culture, diaspora and shipping – and will facilitate interaction of individuals and networks aiming to foster actions of national importance for Greece.

Immediate priority is the preparation of a brief prefeasibility report for the creation of a” State of the Art” Science and Technology Maritime Park with emphasis on environmentally friendly shipping, modern high-tech port infrastructure, digitization, use of robotics and technology, artificial intelligence, the development of green fuels, the improvement of the energy efficiency of ships, the economy of the oceans, etc.


The second main pillar is the always precious legacy of ancient Greek culture. The most enduring contribution of Greek antiquity to world culture, democracy, is facing the challenges of globalization and the negative effects of the internet.


Another goal of the "Node” is to act as a think tank and source for the emergence of inventive proposals for projects that bear a strong developmental, technological, social, cultural and geopolitical footprint. The fields of health, biotechnology, care for the elderly and the prospect of creating a Health Science and Biotechnology Park will be explored.


The organization also aims to set up a census of prominent and distinguished Greeks abroad and to encourage the development a comprehensive cross-party National Plan for the exploitation of the Greek community and the repatriation especially of the recent immigration. It is also proposed to hold a large annual meeting of its members in Greece devoted to Hellenism according to the model of large annual international meetings.